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wildwomen contract

Terms for Participation in the wild women|retreat


1.   Payment for your program is due in full to reserve your spot. $50 of this payment is non-refundable. No refunds will be issued after May 21, 2017.


Rights and Responsibilities:

2.      All techniques taught by Alaina Salks are the copyrighted property of Salks Tantra and Authentic Tantra and may not be copied, reproduced, or used professionally. All techniques taught by Diane Richards are the copyrighted property of Diane Richards or xx|collective and may not be copied, reproduced, or used professionally. Completion of the  wild women|retreat qualifies you to use any of these techniques in your personal spiritual practice. It does not qualify you to teach, share, or reproduce these practices in anyway whatsoever.

3.       I attest that I am of sound body and mind, and take full responsibility for my participation in this program and my physical, emotional and mental health.  I release and hold harmless Alaina Salks, Diane Richards, Salks Tantra, xx|collective and affiliates from any and all liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or expense that I may experience as a result of my participation in this wild women|retreat. 

4.      I acknowledge that in this training we will be discussing topics that deal with sexuality and sexual acts.   I understand that while topics of a sexual nature will be discussed, no sexual acts will be performed by Alaina Salks or Diane Richards.

5.      I acknowledge that a synthetic rubber vulva will be used to demonstrate Yoni massage techniques during class.

6.       This waiver includes but is not limited to- physical injury and emotional or mental distress. I understand that there are portions of this program that do contain physically challenging exercises, like hiking and gentle yoga, and I take full responsibility for my level of participation in these exercises. I understand that I can desist from engaging in any movement or exercise that I may feel uncomfortable with, and if I choose to not do so, I will not hold Alaina Salks, Diane Richards or anyone associated with Alaina Salks or Diane responsible in any way.