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Going Deeper: Tantra and Relationships

Courses for Men

Want more pleasure and better orgasms? Learn how movement, meditation, connection and pleasure assist in creating a healthy sex life and fantastic orgasms.  Our men's courses offer: techniques for lasting longer, Lingam Massage, PC exercises, techniques for cultivating pleasure, Tantric breathwork, the 5 Core Pelvic Movements and Tibetan Tantric Meditations. 

Going Deeper: Tantra and Relationships

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Going Deeper: Tantra and Relationships


In this course you’ll learn Tantric techniques to enrich your relationships. Learn how cultivating a present relaxed awareness can contribute to incredible lovemaking with your partner.  Develop partner practices to heighten the senses and better communicate about pleasure. Learn how connection and breath create a positive atmosphere for lovemaking.

Curious? Click here to sign up for your free 20 minute consultation. You'll get one-on-one time with your tantric instructor, Alaina, to talk about any questions you may have and to discover if personal coaching is right for you!

This course can be completed in person at my office or using video chat platforms Skype or Zoom for long distance personal coaching. 

Sessions: Six one hour sessions

Prerequisite: Mastering Your Pleasure: An Introductory Course

*No sexual acts will be performed in class.


You’ll develop partner pleasure exercises that will take your connection to the next level.  While the first course teaches a man to cultivate his own pleasure and a connection to the self, this course teaches a man to cultivate pleasure in his partnership and methods to pleasure her.  You’ll learn Yoni Massage, G-spot massage techniques, the 11 different orgasms for women and ways to access them,  Sexual Communication, Yab Yum and partner breathing and exercises for enriching the senses and creating sacred space. 

Prerequisite: Mastering Your Pleasure: An Introductory Course