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Alaina Salks

What is tantra? Tibetan Tantra is an unique style of sacred sexual practice, combining ancient Tantric sexual and non-sexual teachings from Tibet, Taoist sexual yoga practices, Tantric Movement, Transformational Communication, and Somatic/Tantric Healing Methods.

Working with Alaina has inspired me, and supported me on my spiritual journey.
— Courtney Garner
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Alaina Salks is a certified Authentic Tantra practitioner. She is the co-founder and director of The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education.  She is among the first group of Western tantrikas certified in the Secret Tibetan Five Element Meditations by Devi Ward, founder of The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education and creator of the Authentic Tantra healing modality.  In her practice, she introduces individual students and couples to ancient tantric traditions that allow them to be present, connected and fulfilled in their sexual and interpersonal relationships.

Prior to her studies in tantra, Alaina managed a garden center in Reading, Pa and served as a forest ranger in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest in the White Mountains of California.  She has a BA in theatre arts from the University of Pittsburgh.

At present, she has continued her own practice under Lama Tashi Dundrup. She lives with her husband and step-daughters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.