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Energy Sessions

Therapuetic Energy work

"Going into my therapeutic energy session with Alaina, I didn’t know what to expect.  The room was aglow with candlelight and I felt more peaceful immediately upon entrance.  Alaina instructed me to lie down and close my eyes as she laid her hands on me and began her energetic work. As she maneuvered her hands over different parts of my body, I felt tension and emotions release gradually. Easing into the session, the releasing became much more pronounced to the point that I no longer was aware of the room. It was as if her touch provided the salve my soul required to mend. It was immediately apparent that she was certain of the effect her work would have on me. Her calm and focus translated as complete confidence, which allowed me to trust. I’d always doubted the belief that emotions store in different parts of the body but Alaina’s energy work helped shift and expunge what otherwise felt like emotional stagnation and negativity. I would highly recommend Alaina’s elemental energy work to anyone but especially to individuals who can’t seem to eliminate spiritüal/emotional blockages or negativity. – Sarah C


Experience the relaxing and balancing benefits of this elemental energy healing session.  Using gentle touch we will activate and balance the wind energies of the body which brings a feeling of calm and emotional stability. We will then charge the Chakra centers of the body using Tibetan mantra, allowing emotional, physiological and spiritual blocks to clear while restoring the energetic system to health and vitality. These sessions are great for people who are trying to remain healthy through stressful periods in their life or for those who are feeling emotionally or energetically “stuck.” Contact Alaina to schedule.