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Don't Let Stress Kill Your Sex Life


Come on this tantric journey with me! I'll post my latest findings, tips and tricks of the trade. 

Don't Let Stress Kill Your Sex Life

Alaina Salks

Chronic stress is the enemy of great sex.  It can make the gentle caress of your lover an annoyance instead of being the beginning of a great make-out session.  While you may understand the negative effects of stress on your health and mood, you may be surprised to learn that stress can have a dramatic impact on your libido. Most people will have less interest in sex as their stress levels rise over time.  This is because during prolonged stressful periods our “flight or fight” response is engaged, making it very difficult for our body to recognize sexual cues as pleasurable.

you may be surprised to learn that stress can have a dramatic impact on your libido

Try these 6 stress relieving techniques to help you relax and rekindle the flame:

1.       Meditate – Meditation increases focus, boosts the immune system, improves cognitive skills and creativity, reduces depression and lowers blood pressure. How does it help sustain a healthy libido? All of these feel-good side affects help to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, or your “rest and feed” response. This part of your nervous system is responsible for arousal; when you activate it, you are more likely to want have sex.  The Tibetan Elemental meditations, taught in the expert courses for women and men, are particularly good for supporting libido.

2.       Breathe Deeply – Breath is a fast way to stop the“fight or flight” response. With only 10-20 deep breaths, you can complete the stress response cycle, allowing your body to relax into a state of arousal.  To use deep breathing to your benefit, place one hand on the heart and one hand on the genitals while you breathe deeply into the belly. You may also use deep breathing during self pleasuring sessions. 

3.       Take a bath – There’s nothing as relaxing and sexy as soaking in hot water, surrounded by candles while listening to soothing music. It may seem cliché, but it really works.  If your goal is to reduce stress AND feel sexy, don’t stay in too long – you’ll end up becoming too relaxed and you’ll want to sleep instead of wanting to hop in the sack.

4.       Get moving – Dance and exercise reduce stress all while making you feel sexy. An added bonus, regularly dancing and exercising tones your body; releases endorphins that make you feel good; and energizes your body.  Use the 5 Core Pelvic movements to workout, open your hips and expand your understanding of the erotic expression. 

5.       Cuddle Together – Holding your loved one releases oxytocin. This neurotransmitter is often referred to as the “bonding” chemical because it helps a person attach to the one they are cuddling all while promoting a sense of safety and security. In short, cuddling calms you down and makes you feel close to your partner. Cuddle naked to bond and to increase the chance of love making.

6.       Massage – Are you overwhelmed and not in the mood for lovemaking? Ask your partner for a massage!  Massage helps you relax while building intimacy and anticipation. What is sexier than having your lover’s hands all over your body? Finish up with a Yoni or Lingam massage to make sure things stay hot.

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