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Come on this tantric journey with me! I'll post my latest findings, tips and tricks of the trade. 

What a Wet Vagina Says about Her Desire

Alaina Salks

Nothing, it tells you not-a-thing. You cannot make any assumptions about what a woman wants based on the degree to which her vagina lubricates.  You may be thinking, “What? How can that be? I always thought, if she’s wet she wants it, if she isn’t then she doesn’t?” These are very common, but mistaken, assumptions about the relationship between desire and genital response….

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Don't Let Stress Kill Your Sex Life

Alaina Salks

Chronic stress is the enemy of great sex.  It can make the gentle caress of your lover an annoyance instead of being the beginning of a great make-out session.  While you may understand the negative effects of stress on your health and mood, you may be surprised to learn that stress can have a dramatic impact on your libido...

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